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We're Partners- Phi and Sigma by Cordelia-Rosencrantz We're Partners- Phi and Sigma :iconcordelia-rosencrantz:Cordelia-Rosencrantz 1 1 In Luck and In Flame... by Cordelia-Rosencrantz In Luck and In Flame... :iconcordelia-rosencrantz:Cordelia-Rosencrantz 2 1 Espers by Cordelia-Rosencrantz Espers :iconcordelia-rosencrantz:Cordelia-Rosencrantz 2 0
Boss Level-EnglandxGamer!Reader
    "I finally beat them!" you exclaimed, gaining many judging stares from the few people in the hallway. But, you didn't notice any of them though. Of course you wouldn't. You were too engrossed in your game in order to notice anything in the outside world. That included the tall blond you violently ran into. "Not the game!" you screamed, reaching for the portable console and failing. You both ended up spread out on the floor, papers and books scattered everywhere. You landed on your stomach; your backpack suddenly felt pounds heavier in this position.
    The blond was still on the floor as you sat up and stayed on your knees, game console in hand.
    "The game card has been taken out of the game card slot," you read aloud from the black screen. "Please restart the system and insert the card again. Any unsaved progress has been... lost...?" You stared at the white letters for a brief moment, hoping you had read it wrong. Unfortu
:iconcordelia-rosencrantz:Cordelia-Rosencrantz 11 4
Save Myself (Test Chapter)
    "I won't give in!" I scream at the top of my lungs, crawling the quickest I can.
    My legs are covered in bandages, and they both feel sore. Even so, I force myself up and limp. Before I even take just three steps, I feel a big, muscular hand on my forearm.
    "Where do you think you're going, love?" a deep voice asks with a thick British accent. Then, the owner of the voice pulls me down towards the floor. "A gentleman cannot let a dainty flower such as yourself be out alone, am I not correct?"
    "I am not a dainty flower," I pant under my breath. The same man pulls me farther down but, this time, I fall and he lets go.
    I am lying on my back and five or so shadows walk over and stand over me, blocking out every chance for escape. I cross my arms in the air in order to create any sort of shield between my captors and I. I'm so desperate that despite knowing it won't protect me, I still feel safe with my arms in front o
:iconcordelia-rosencrantz:Cordelia-Rosencrantz 2 0
Crossing Realities- Chapter 6- Finding A Past
    "'Reign here?'" Edelweiss asks, crossing her arms. Marigold has a look on her face that questions me as well.
    "Yes, I rule here," I answer. Marigold, being the princess she is, is obviously wanting to say something rude, but she stays quiet and lets the other talk.
    "You made that clear. But, where exactly is here?" she asks. I laugh a little. "I don't know. Where do you suppose?"
    "Okay, cut the crud!" Edelweiss orders, annoyed, "Just tell us what exactly this is!"
    I agree to this, and sigh. "You're so boring. Anyways," I roll my eyes, "you're in a place that acts as a bridge between these two universes."
    "Alright, but where is this place called?"
    Edelweiss needs answers for absolutely everything, doesn't she? I can see why her universe is so plain and boring.
    I sigh in annoyance. "It's a nameless p
:iconcordelia-rosencrantz:Cordelia-Rosencrantz 0 0
Beautiful World~ by Cordelia-Rosencrantz Beautiful World~ :iconcordelia-rosencrantz:Cordelia-Rosencrantz 2 0 NationxReader icon (GIF) by Cordelia-Rosencrantz NationxReader icon (GIF) :iconcordelia-rosencrantz:Cordelia-Rosencrantz 2 4
MexicoxSerious!Reader-A Single Night of The Year
    "I promise it'll be fun, ____!" Alejandro said, walking on your left. "Si, Ale's right; there will be food and dancing!" Maria added, happily skipping on your right side. You gave a small sigh of annoyance.
    The Hernandez twins were going to a party and had invited you to go with them. You had politely declined though. The twins didn't want to take no as an answer, so they continued making attempts to persuade you. But, no matter what, you knew you'd fell out of place. That's one of the main reasons you refused. There was that, and you had no interest in random, pointless parties.
    "Guys, I already said no. Please stop asking me."
    Both of the siblings slightly pouted before Alejandro began. "That's really too bad... Lots of people are supposed to go, but you won't meet them all since your not going." Maria caught her older brother's drift and picked it up. "We already told everyone you were coming too."
:iconcordelia-rosencrantz:Cordelia-Rosencrantz 6 5
China x Reader- Mathmatical Panda
    "Hey, Yao~ Whatcha doin'?" you asked, poking said Chinese boy.
    He looked over his shoulder. "Oh, ni hao, ____. I'm just doing math, aru." Then, he immediately went back to writing numbers on his math paper.
    "Cool..." You grabbed a chair and set it next to Yao's. He looked at you from the corner of his eye. "What is it?"
    You smiled innocently. "Oh, Yao~ You silly goose, you; I don't want anything from you! at would make you think something ridiculous like that?" You fluttered your eye lids quickly as Yao got back to work.
    "I need help with math, so can you-"
    Yao answered you before you had even asked, "No." He clearly didn't want to help you, but were you going to take that as an answer? Of course you weren't! "Why not Yao?" you whined.
    He sighed, "Because I always help you with things, and when they don't turn out right, you blame everything
:iconcordelia-rosencrantz:Cordelia-Rosencrantz 2 7
Failing Pickup Lines-AmericaxOC
    "God, this is some flippin' good coffee," Leah happily sighed, setting her Starbucks cup down.
    Frankie kept a straight face as she sipped her tea. "I don't get what you like about this place so much. I can easily make a better tea." She typed a few words into her laptop.
    Leah playfully rolled her eyes. "Hey, I paid for that." She lazily fingered her friend's cup. "Just enjoy it." She takes another drink of her coffee when she looks from the corner of her eye and notice something weird.
    "Hey, do you notice that guy over there?" she asked, tilting her head to the right a bit.
    Frankie let her eyes look to what was Leah's right, lifting her cup to her lips. "Yeah, and it's freaking me out a bit..." She took a long drink. Seriously though, the guy was looking at them with his blue eyes in probably the least discrete way possible.
    "Ten dollars says he's checking you out
:iconcordelia-rosencrantz:Cordelia-Rosencrantz 0 2
New ID by Cordelia-Rosencrantz New ID :iconcordelia-rosencrantz:Cordelia-Rosencrantz 1 1 Dream Cafe Teaser by Cordelia-Rosencrantz Dream Cafe Teaser :iconcordelia-rosencrantz:Cordelia-Rosencrantz 1 2 Fabulous by Cordelia-Rosencrantz Fabulous :iconcordelia-rosencrantz:Cordelia-Rosencrantz 2 1 Sara Jones by Cordelia-Rosencrantz Sara Jones :iconcordelia-rosencrantz:Cordelia-Rosencrantz 3 7
Japan x Reader- Owl Night
    "Hey, Kiku!" you called out, waving to your long-time friend.
    Even from across the court-yard, he could still hear you and turned around. He slightly waved when Im nudged him your way. Yao and Kaoru did the same until he walked toward you on his own.
    He deeply bowed. "Konnichiwa, ____-san." You giggled. "Aw, Kiku, you don't need to bow to me; just like a wave or something is good." Kiku bobbed his head up and down.
    "Anyways," you continued, "we're all set for tonight, right?"
    Tonight was the monthly "Video Game Night Owl Night" according to Alfred, who also had a part in it. You simply referred to it as "Owl Night" though. The point of it was to try to stay up until sunrise by playing video games, watching anime and drinking coffee.
    It was usually just Kiku and Alfred, but they invited you to join them this month. You were all bringing a few video gam
:iconcordelia-rosencrantz:Cordelia-Rosencrantz 0 11


Frozen Actor!AU- The Shocking Twist by maybelletea Frozen Actor!AU- The Shocking Twist :iconmaybelletea:maybelletea 1,046 219 999 Meme by Taichi-Agami 999 Meme :icontaichi-agami:Taichi-Agami 12 9 APH: Our embarrassing bosses by Cadaska APH: Our embarrassing bosses :iconcadaska:Cadaska 566 209 APH: Card Kissing Game by Mouichi APH: Card Kissing Game :iconmouichi:Mouichi 8,073 1,286 999 Bracelet-Watch Tutorial by dark--typhoon 999 Bracelet-Watch Tutorial :icondark--typhoon:dark--typhoon 304 61 Snake --2-- -V1- by RanNara Snake --2-- -V1- :iconrannara:RanNara 88 34 9 Hours 9 Persons 9 Doors by SilverHyena 9 Hours 9 Persons 9 Doors :iconsilverhyena:SilverHyena 193 45 a hipster valentines card by riceballhikaru a hipster valentines card :iconriceballhikaru:riceballhikaru 57 34 Anything you can draw, I can draw better!! by Hana-chan7 Anything you can draw, I can draw better!! :iconhana-chan7:Hana-chan7 262 51 Who he cares for by Rheney Who he cares for :iconrheney:Rheney 819 187 Hetalia - Pick-up Lines by TheShredDoctor Hetalia - Pick-up Lines :icontheshreddoctor:TheShredDoctor 910 399 Valentines Eevee by suikuzu Valentines Eevee :iconsuikuzu:suikuzu 12,580 750 [motivational poster] Ireland's name by Tekkenka [motivational poster] Ireland's name :icontekkenka:Tekkenka 60 28



My last journal entry was totally kinda depressing. (It was just one of those days, you know? Plus, it was my first Esther Day, so Nerdfighters know what I mean, unless I'm just that one weirdo.)
So, I wanna try something a little more fun!
I have almost literally been begging for someone to give me a request to work on, and I haven't really got one yet. (Besides that one a friend gave me...)
So, yes, exactly 7 watchers and maybe plus a few, I am going to take requests for a whole 3 days, starting tomorrow(Saturday)! You can start commenting as soon as you like, but just know that the requests will be closed on Monday afternoon at 3 o'clock.
Also, I would prefer it the requests be works of literature, as I find that a little easier for me, but if you really want a piece of art, don't be shy and ask~!
(p.s. If you have any pairings [*coughcoughhetaliamostlybecauseIamapersonwithfewotherfandomscoughcough*] you adore, you can request a piece of that pairing, and I'll be especially happy to do those requests, as I am in one of those moods where I'd be so glad to do a fluffy thing!)
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I am an anime-loving person. I really like Hetalia and Fruits Basket, and recently, I have been looking into Black Butler. I'm not to good at drawing, but I take pride in my work.
I also have an account on So here's a link to my profile page~…


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